British Values

The Department for Education stated that there is a need 'to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.' At Old Bexley CE Primary, these values are taught through PSHE as well as Religious Education. Additionally, British Values are reinforced regularly through our curriculum. Children are enabled to experience British Values.

We were graded 'Excellent' in our SIAMS inspection in 2023.

We actively promote British Values through daily collective worship and by ensuring we provide real opportunities to explore these values.

Being part of Britain/Democracy/Rules and Law/Individual Liberty/Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Being part of Britain:

  • Celebrating Christian festivals such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter.
  • Recognition of Remembrance Day and observing the minute's silence.
  • Celebrating Saints Days by wearing Rainbows, Cubs, Brownie or Scout Uniforms.
  • Learning about famous British people from history.


  • Children are always listened to by adults and taught to listen to each other and respect the opinions of others.
  • Children learn to take turns and share.
  • Voting on group decisions such as which story to read or game to play during choosing time.
  • Through PSHE, History and Topic work.
  • Participating in School Council elections.

Rules and Law:

  • Every class has their own class rules agreed at the beginning of the academic year and these are constantly reinforced.
  • Children are praised and rewarded for following school and classroom rules.
  • Children are introduced to E-Safety rules.
  • Children receive visits from the local police and fire brigade.
  • Through PSHE, History and Topic Work.

Individual Liberty:

  • Children are encouraged to share and respect each other throughout the day.
  • Children may choose their own reading books.
  • Children are allowed to choose their level of challenge during Maths and English.
  • Children are educated to always try and make the right choices.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

  • Children learn about other religions through RE.
  • Children learn about other cultures through their Topic work.
  • Children learn to appreciate that their actions have consequences.
  • Children develop the ability to recognise right and wrong choices.
  • Children are encouraged to reflect on their actions and experiences.
  • Children learn about people less fortunate than themselves and take part in fundraising activities to help and support them. This is reinforced by our strong friendship to Napache School in Malawi and other charity events, many of which are organised by the children through the School Council.