Mountain Climbers

"Mountain Climbers" is the name given to our Pupil Ambassadors for Collective Worship.  Chosen from Key Stage 2, the children meet regularly to help shape the Church school community, as well as support the RE Subject Leader and Leaders of Worship in a variety of ways:

  • helping to set up Worship;
  • contributing to and monitoring Worship Areas in classrooms;
  • writing school prayers;
  • supporting leaders of Worship by reading, acting and choosing children to help / answer questions;
  • contributing to services held at the churches of St John's and St Mary's;
  • responsibility for planning, leading and evaluating Acts of Worship through the year.

Mountain Climbers work together to ensure Worship is a core part of school life.


Mountain Climber Passport:  Pupils participate in the Old Bexley Mountain Climber Passport.  Based on the Fruit of the Spirit, pupils have the opportunity throughout the school year to take part in a variety of experiences and challenges which link with the school’s values.