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Welcome to the Old Bexley News Crew page  

We are delighted to have our very own News Crew at Old Bexley!  Pupils from Years 5 and 6 apply at the start of the academic year to be a part of the Crew.  They work together in groups with teachers from each year to report, film and photograph school events, as well as writing scripts and filming each piece of news using broadcast TV equipment.  The team have learnt how to be camera and sound operators, as well as direct their own news programme.

The "Old Bexley Babble" was the News Crew's first edition which was published in December 2021.  This was replaced by the first ever video news programme which was broadcast in March 2023.

In June 2023 the News Crew were chosen as winners of the "Innovative News Award" which was judged by First News in their annual School Newspaper of the Year Awards.  Our entry was noted for its great journalism practice and fun features.  Well done to all involved who helped make this award possible.

Meet the Team

This year's News Crew are as follows:

Sophia, Lily, Victoria, Lois, Elouise, April, Noah, Nathaniel, Matthew, Molly, Louis, Chloe, Andrew, Halo, Nneamaka, Sophia, Annashri, Seb, Talise, Henry, Demi, Sophia, Ollie, Libby, Olivia, Molly, Anvika, Toni, Sophia, Florence, Remi, Sophia, Hannah, Logan, Ade, Katie, Sophie, Toye, Hadia, Tireni and Jack.

Please speak to the school office if you have a news item you would like to share with the News Crew. 

The team in action




Available Episodes

  • Episode 1 - April 2023


  • Episode 2 - July 2023


  • Episode 3 - December 2023:


  • Episode 4 - March 2024: