Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Old Bexley CE Primary School has a high priority. The children learn the distinctive features of different Christian traditions in Worship; the seasons of the Churches's year and Christian Festivals are celebrated annually. We are visited by members of the local clergy and the children attend special services at both St. Mary's and St. John's Churches.

Children are encouraged to create their own class prayers, pray their own individual prayers and join in whole school prayers too. We say the Grace and the Lord's Prayer during Worship. Children are involved in Worship. They play a role in setting up for Worship, writing prayers and reading from the Bible.

Collective Worship is monitored and evaluated each term as part of our whole school improvement. We feed back our evaluations to the Governors and value feedback from visitors and pupils as it helps us to flourish as a Church school.

Parental Withdrawal: Worship is regarded as special time which wholly reflects our ethos as a church school.  It is an inclusive opportunity for those of all faiths and none.  We respect the right of parents to withdraw their child/children from acts of collective worship on grounds of conscience.  However, as collective worship is central to our ethos, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this decision with parents.